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I help companies eliminate the guesswork to achieve real audience engagement

Learn the proven behavioral science methods I use to help the world's leading brands connect with their customers and teams

About Me

I have spent the last three decades on a relentless quest to bust through the many attention-sucking myths surrounding audience engagement. Leveraging the latest behavioral science to pioneer new methods with a global team of cognitive scientists, I have decoded engagement with a proven formula for communications and experience design that helps create the strongest possible audience connection over the longest period of time.

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There is immense and complex competition at the gateway to the human mind, I will help you get as close to the front of that line to drive the behavior your business requires


Some of the great companies I've guided to higher, more direct engagement.

Join The (Book) Club

Not quite ready to meet in person? Get my proven strategy for breaking through the barriers to engagement to capture attention, evoke emotion and create intentions to take action in my latest book. Buy Engagement: Decoded here!

Let's work together

Do you have an audience you'd like to better engage? Would you like to see communications resonate, inspire, and lead to lasting behaviour change? Are you finding that the 'same old' ways of corporate communications just aren't good enough in this 'new normal'? Let's talk, I'd love to help.

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