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Engagement. Decoded.


Engagement is complex, highly nuanced, and multi-faceted so there’s been a lot to figure out; to decode. But once I did, I didn’t want to keep it to myself. The mission has always been to change the way corporations approach their events and communications.

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Let's skip the stuff you don't care about...

According to the team of behavioral scientists that I work with, you didn’t land on this page to find out where I went to school or what awards I’ve won. And, while you MAY be interested in some of the things that make me who I am, like the fact that I'm a father who loves to take to the skies in my free time, what you REALLY WANT TO KNOW is what makes me the guy who can help you better connect with those you need to engage.


Let's cut straight to those questions.


We must navigate deeper human connection to drive the change we want.

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What makes you an engagement ‘expert’?


Early on in my career in event management, I was shocked by the amount of guesswork that was going on in the industry. In my free time, as I worked toward earning my pilot's license, I was reminded again and again of the value of having a trusted guidance system that I could depend on to get to where I needed to land. I found it incredibly frustrating that, even though companies were investing a great deal to engage with audiences, there were no real systems being used to guide them on the journey to their desired destination. I decided to do something about it. Over the past three decades, I've worked closely with a global network of neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, data scientists, sound researchers and AI pioneers to tap into the incredible wealth of research that exists to develop proven methods for engaging with your target audience. Those methods and systems drive everything my team and I do to help companies connect with their employees, customers and stakeholders.

What can you do for my company, and more importantly, its bottom line, that others can’t?


Here’s the hard truth: even the best communicators typically only capture their audience’s attention 25 – 32% of the time. As a leader, you simply can’t afford to lose the kind of money, time, resources, energy, ideas, and opportunities that result from that 68 - 75% of your audience’s attention that is flying out the window. I can arm you with the specific strategies and tactics we have developed with behavioral science researchers to attract attention, create a stronger sense of connection, and inspire your employees, customers, and stakeholders to take the required actions your business needs.

Talk is cheap. Why should I believe that what you do you can actually make a difference?


Companies don’t have the time or money to hire suppliers that don’t get them results. When globally recognized brands, like Amgen, Salesforce, and Nissan call you back after an initial project and say, “Let’s do that again,” you know you’ve moved the needle. Since launching Debut in 1997, we’ve helped hundreds of companies engage their audiences with scientifically-backed communications and experiences that inspire real behavior change. You can watch some of their testimonials here.


How can I try before I buy?

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Watch my Engagement: Decoded video series


As I have inspired countless businesses with my words and actions to help leading organizations engagement, I am now sharing with all of you how to decode engagement. Tune in every Wednesday for new content!

Read my book


Not quite ready to meet in person? Get my proven strategy for breaking through the barriers to engagement to capture attention, evoke emotion and create intentions to take action in my latest book. Buy Engagement: Decoded here!

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Schedule a Discovery Call with me


If you’re looking to make real progress in engaging with your audience, it’s important to have the right guidance. It’s time to take action and fast track toward achieving your business goals—and a discovery call with me is the first step. Schedule your call today and start the process of unlocking your companies potential. 

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