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Engagement: Decoded™: How to Navigate Deeper Human Connections And Drive the Change You Want Kindle Edition

Engagement: Decoded™ (Kindle Edition)

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    When it comes to audience engagement, event engagement, or employee engagement, have you ever asked yourself:

    What does “engagement” really mean?

    How can we achieve meaningful engagement?

    What kind of engagement leads to lasting behavioral change?

    Moorsom answers these questions and more as he navigates human connections and demonstrates the math and science behind meaningful engagement.

    Are your event design and corporate communications landing your organization at the gateway to the minds of your audience?

    Discover which Level of Engagement your organization is currently in and how you can achieve the highest level of engagement to drive long-term behavior change.

    Engagement Decoded™ presents groundbreaking research and leadership that will disrupt the way you think about engagement and provide the elements you need to better engage your audiences.

    For 30 years, Debut Group’s founder, Ben Moorsom, has been uncovering the mystery around engagement and applying science-based insights from a combination of fields to solve business problems for his clients in:

    • Neuroscience
    • Event Psychology
    • Change Management
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Virtual Reality & the Metaverse

    We all want to be more deeply engaged - in our business connections, professional relationships, and online interactions.

    Engagement is complicated. Getting people's attention and holding it, while delivering a behaviorally impactful experience that reaches hearts and minds, can feel impossible.

    Why do corporate communication efforts and event management so often fall flat?

    Standard strategies rely on guesswork, intuition, or simply 'what we've always done'. The result? Only 25-30% of attention is captured - substantial investment for minimal return.

    Moorsom is both a seeker who thrives on discovering and decoding new knowledge and a disrupter who’s made it his life’s mission to deconstruct, recalibrate, and engineer engagement.

    Engagement Decoded™ demonstrates step by step how to:

    • Drive greater behavioral change through creative experiences, communications, and spaces—engineered by science.
    • Achieve meaningful engagement that genuinely touches emotions, creates memorable interactions, and drives lasting behavioral change.
    • Use math, science, business intelligence, and behavioral economics to measure your audience engagement results and maximize your organization’s impact.
    • And much more!

    Where science, communications, and creativity meet is where the Debut Group plays. Their insights, inventions, and leadership are reshaping the engagement and experience industry.

    Through the use of behavioral science in the design of communications and experiences—or what Debut Group calls, Neuroscaping® - Moorsom and his team ensure that your engagement efforts are reaching your audiences in the ways that lead to real behavioral change.

    Are you an event professional? Does your job involve event marketing or event management?

    Are you and your organization looking to provide meaningful thought leadership and behavioral change in your industry?

    Are you responsible for corporate communication with your team across a variety of platforms?

    Do you want to engage you ideal audience like a pro? Then grab your copy of Engagement Decoded today!

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